Our signature transaxle, the TE Race Auto, has proven itself to withstand the highest levels of competitions. Racers have put it to the test and have conquered many off road exhibitions like the Baja 1000, NORRA 1000, Rally dos Sertões, and Vegas to Reno. While others have applied the transaxle to their pre runners, sand cars, rally, and kit cars. The unique transaxle holds a three speed semi-automatic with a ten-inch ring gear and cushioned by an industry-first torque converter.

Main Features

- Audi-based three speed automatic section

- Custom manual valve body (still have to shift)

- Quick change gears (set final drive ratio)

- 10-inch Winter's ring and pinion

- 934 CV flanges

- 10-inch billet TCS torque converter

- Mid and rear transaxle mounts


- Billet side covers

- Heat exchanger (CBR or other MFG)

- Kennedy adapter plate

- Swepco oil

- Automatic Transmission Fluid

- Winters three speed shifter

- Locking differential

Field's Three Speed Automatic

The automatic section is based on an Audi turbo with three forward gears, plus reverse. First gear is used for low speeds, while the other two gears for mid and high speeds. A custom valve body is milled to give the drivers true control of the selected gear without a clutch.


The transaxle is a tried and true component of off-road and racing alike. Standing up to grueling temperatures in San Felipe for the Baja 1000 and the performance needed in the tight and technical Matome Wash.




A set of "quick change" style gears housed between the automatic and differential allow for final drive ratio to be fine tuned. 

Between the quick change gears and ring/pinion we have over 167 combinations to gear the vehicle to your specifications.


Transaxle Engineering was the first off road transaxle company to use a torque converter in this type of setup 20 years ago.

The bellhousing is one of two frame mounts with ten bolts for extra rigidity to the frame. The external plumbing mounted on the top flows ATF from the automatic section through the torque converter and back to the heat exchange/cooler.

A custom built 10 inch billet torque converter is ordered specifically for the application. And a specific adapter plate depending on motor specifications. 


For a plumbing diagram, please follow the installation instructions below.



The center section is setup with an aluminum differential, chromoly spider gears, and a burly ten-inch Winter's ring gear and pinion with all the power going out to 934 CV's.


  • Weight - 310lbs*

  • Length - 33"

  • Width (at CV's) - 8 1/2"

  • CV's - 934 flange

  • Speeds - Three forward gears, reverse

  • Bell Housing to center of CV Flange - 11 3/4"

  • Torque Converter - Custom TCS

  • Ring Gear - 10 inch Winters


Three Speed Auto Customer Cars

Mike Kuligowski

Baja Prerunner/Mint 400 racer


Three Speed Auto Customer Cars


Armada Engineering Class 10


Three Speed Auto Customer Cars

Cody Jeffers

Class 1 Race Car